Monthly Round up: Best of October

Monthly Round up: Best of October

Taking a look back at some of our favorite articles of last month.

1.Why I’m A Fan Girl

What do I know about music? It took me the first eighteen years of my life to sort through the nonsense and find a passion that would shape my tastes. One cannot be taught the definition of good music. It happens in an instant, the feeling that washes over you as the first notes are played.

2.Cobbs Hill POW Camp

1943, World War II had taken its toll in Rochester; over 29,000 Rochesterians were drafted, taking a toll on already stressed production. Rochester. The city had am interesting way of fixing the problem; they brought in prisoners of war to work in the farms.

3. Collins Crusades: Ghost Hunter

4. Outsiders: The End Men

Even though this site is primarily focused around Rochester and the music that emanates from it, every once in a while we find an out of town band that deserves some attention. The End Men, from Brooklyn NY, just happens to be one of those bands.



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