Artisan Partisan

With the elections finally over the world seems to be getting back to what ever we were doing before we pretended to care about politics. I find it my civic duty to share one more politically charged event before getting back to another four years of music interviews. That event is “Artisan Partisan” a art gallery that was held at Greenotopia last week.

Artisan Partisan was a great way to take a step back from the upcoming election and poke fun at it while still getting a message across. The pieces included a caricature of Obama creating a reelection rap, a house built of credit cards, and a Godzilla version of Maggie Brooks tearing the heart out of downtown Rochester.

With a name that included partisan, I was expecting a more balanced approach that featured both politicians. The pieces however were definitely more anti conservative than anything, but the over all message was a general distrust of politicians.



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