Charlie Brown: Apocalyptic Mercenary

Charlie Brown: Apocalyptic Mercenary

The world as we know it is over, food is scarce, an evil ring is vying for control and a cybernetic Charlie Brown is a bad ass mercenary with his man eating dog, Snoop. Good fucking grief is right, for Weapon Brown, a graphic novel straight out of Rochester and the boarder line sadistic writings of Jason Yungbluth.

The series, going into its fifth installment, is a page turner of epic proportions. From the start you know it’s going to be good.

“There are a lot of guys in my line of work and they’re all cheaper than me,” Chuck says chasing down a small army. “But if you want to take out a tank crew of battle-hardened scum and fall asleep knowing they died screaming you call good ol’ Weapon Brown.”

The story progresses from there, but somehow, through the blood, guts and eye-covering terror that is Yungbluth’s illustrations and story, a constant honor is kept to the Schultz’s Sunday paper comic that inspired the novel. And it doesn’t stop there. After meeting a slew of the Peanuts characters fueled by a burning love for the Red Headed Girl, Weapon Brown meets a sluggish Garfield, Hobbs, Dilbert, Orphan Annie, Dagwood(s) and more, all in an homage to their original and family friendly counterpart.

The graphic novel, starting on, the still running webcomic of Yungbluth and equally as questionable, has gone a long way in the four years it’s been running.

Published through Death Ray Graphics, a kickstarter is launching this spring to help bring in the new, and now over-due, next issue.

After explaining the concept to me, to my disbelief and gitty bewilderment, I asked Yungbluth what local comic fans should do in Rochester.

“Stay out of my way, I run this town” he said. “I’ll find a gun and kill you.” He was joking, I think. The average sized, aggressively friendly cartoonist wearing a Merlin hat wasn’t intimidating at the time. Weapon Brown changed that image for me. Let it change it for you.

See you in the funny papers!

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Weapon Brown, Number One



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