Album Review: Purple Squash

Album Review: Purple Squash

Local rock band, Demand has just released their new album a few weeks ago on Mirror Records. The album is called Purple Squash, which the band makes sure to remind you of when the repeat the name of the album over and over again in the chorus of the first song.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the music. The guitar solos are tight and I really dig the vocals; the band overall is a throwback to the classic rock sound in the best possible way. It’s the type of music that makes me want to grow my hair out just to head bang properly to the heavy chords. The album cover has a wizard shooting lighting for fucking sake, if that doesn’t bring you back to a time when you were stealing your dad’s Molly Hatchet albums, I don’t know what will.

I am just having a hard time trying to figure Demand out. For such a solid sound the band classifies itself as a mixture of alternative, hard rock, blues, classic rock, dirty grunge, and indie. Sometimes, I feel like bands have a hard time classifying their own music so they call themselves a mixture of everything and see what sticks. (Or they create Subvert but that’s a whole different story.)

I hope the band continues down the rock path and doesn’t come out with an ‘experimental album’ for their next release. Stick to the good stuff, we have enough people who try and create the next best sound and come out with crap as a result. Overall I can’t wait to see how this band grows.

The album is available for $7 here.

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