Music Spotlight: Verbal Surgeon

Music Spotlight: Verbal Surgeon

Verbal Surgeon is a good example of what hip hop should be. A well a rounded artist, he both writes and produces and is not afraid to perform with different genres of music. When we first met up with him he was playing at the tail end of a metal show at the Bug Jar.

He first gained some notoriety in the local scene when he released his first mixtape, Annotations of a Surgeon. The mixtape was a huge 26 track endeavor which covers a broad range of styles. “It was originally two mixtapes” he recalls when we began talking about the mixtapes “one was from when I first started rapping, I decided to clean up and rerecord all of my old tracks to add to the new mixtape.” The result was a mixtape where you could hear the evolution of an artist.

He has since released two more mixtapes, ‘Rhyme Related’, and a short 8 track mixtape simply called ‘Winter 2011-Summer 12’. Verbal Surgeon is constantly producing and recording, working with different styles including some future acoustic tracks. “I can’t have every song be just bass. I love rapping over a good bass track, but that gets old after awhile. I need something else on there, a guitar, a good hook, something. I will rap over a ukulele; I don’t care as long as it is tight and different.”

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