Music Spotlight: Mouth Full

Mouth Full started in the spring of 2011. After a few sound changes, a few Craig’s List ads being flagged for sexual favors, and an EP later, they are back recording a new album. We met up with them to talk about their name, how the band got started, and the Rochester scene.

How did Mouth Full get started?

Mike:  For the longest time I was trying to get a project together. People would only stick around for a week or they completely sucked. Once I met Rick everything started falling together.

Rick: Our core of meeting members was Craig’s List. Every single one of our members was found on Craig’s List.  I responded to Mike’s ad, and Chuck and Josiah got in touch with the band the same way.

So what changes has the band gone through in the last year?

Mike: We have had a few members change. The big thing is we have learned a lot in the past year. For one thing we have been getting too drunk at shows. We watched the video of past performances and decided to clean up our act.

Rick: We have had a couple of drummers since we started. Josiah has been the drummer that has stuck around the longest.  We always said we didn’t want another guitarist or bass player to join, we wanted a just another musician in the band.

When were a three piece we didn’t have a very cool sound. We were torn about what direction to take the band, and then we met Chuck who can write amazing leads for our songs. Since we found him I have been doing bass ever since.

House has the sound changed since you started?

Mike: When I first started it was more of a raw sound. Josiah is big into a heavier style of drumming, so he is the reason we have been dipping more into that sound.

Rick: Chuck is big into eighties hair metal. A lot of the stuff I listen to when writing songs is classic nineties countries songs. I know it doesn’t make any sense but it is just the way I think. It comes out alright.

Is there going to be another Mouth Full album soon?

Rick: We just started recording for a new album about a week ago. We have a goal to finish the album by mid January.  Whether we meet that goal or not is yet to be determined.

Mike: Last time we made a goal we were a mouth and a half behind schedule. That was four songs, this one is twelve. So it is hard to say when the album will be released.

How did you come up with the name Mouth Full?

Mike: I always wanted a funny name for the band. I had a couple of ideas, one was Wang Dangle, and the other was Phat Phux, the other one a name that was a sentence long. When I called up the old drummer and told him it he said it was a mouthful. Mouth Full just stuck.

Rick: There is actually another band called Mouthful that describes themselves as a Queer Core band. I just they play a venue called ‘Up to the Elbow’. We were thinking of writing a song called ‘Up to the Elbow’ as a shout out to them. Since they were Mouthful we changed our name to Mouth Full.

What do you think of the Rochester music scene?

Rick: We have too much core and not enough apple. Everyone wants to be hardcore or screamcore, or deathcore or metalcore; something super heavy with lyrics that are guttural. If you like that kind of thing that is fine, but it is just so over done.

The exciting thing about a local music scene for me is to see something original and new and inspiring. To go to a show and watch the same bands come up over and over again and bashing your head into a wall with their genre, it gets me down.

Mike: When we go to a punk show even if the fans don’t know our band. They might come there for another band but still moshes and has a good time when we start playing. But a lot of times you go to a show and people leave after the band they wanted to see leaves.

Rick: Our music scene gets overlooked by a lot of people. Out of the entire city, we probally only have about 150 people that are actually involved in the music scene and go to support all of the different bands.  That is sad when you think about all of the music history this city has.





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