Local Vocal Podcast #1

Local Vocal Podcast #1

What happens when Insomniac writers drink heavily and listen to music? We create a podcast! Check out our first episode with special guest, Josh Netsky.

Track List
Third Wheel – The Absolutes
I Need It – The Demos
Being Nothing – The End Men
Small Talk – Verbal Surgeon
Ghost Cap – Walri
Gobble Gobble – The Archaeologist
Mathematics – Couch Money
I’m After You – The Results
Girlfriend – Mrs. Skannotto
Foot and Mouth – Josh Netsky
Thats What She Said – Keaton
Cut From A Different Cloth – Envious Disguise
Feel It – Hassaan Mackey
Take Us To Hell And Back Terry! Gunnar Stahl
Infernal Machine – Oceans of Insects



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