Best of November

Best of November

1. Artist Spotlight: SNO (FUA Crew)

For this Artist Spotlight we were able to meet up with SNO, one of the veterans of the graffiti scene in Rochester. SNO has been apart of the locally based, internationally known crew FUA (From Up Above). We got to sit down with him and talk about his roots in the graff scene.

2. South Wedge Boards

We met up with Nicholas Smith founder of a new local business, South Wedge Boards. He has been making awesome custom long boards for two years now and has grown from making boards for friends to creating a career. We met up to talk about the evolution of skateboarding, push culture, and what’s coming up with South Wedge Boards.

3. Radiation Cake Drops Crazy New Design/Video

4. Local Vocal Podcast #1

What happens when Insomniac writers drink heavily and listen to music? We create a podcast! Check out our first episode featuring all local artist. Josh Netsky guest stars in our first podcast.




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