Urban Dictionary’s Guide to Rochester

Urban Dictionary’s Guide to Rochester

Deep in the bowels of the internet, Urban Dictionary is still going strong. In fact after typing in ‘Rochester NY” into urban dictionary, I learned some new things about our fine city, primarily how fucked up our sex lives are. Here are some of my favorite Rochester-based Urban Dictionary entries:

Rochester Cunt Rag

The literal sex-term, if you will, translates to ejaculating onto a towel (preferably one used to polish an American car) and wiping a girls vagina with it.

I just gave my a Rochester Cunt Rag last night, and now she needs an abortion.

Rochester Rain Puddle

Drinking so much that you pass out in bed with another person and you urinate in the bed, getting the other person all wet; claimed by Rochester, NY as I have witnessed this on numerous occasions. Also, due to the fact that Rochester gets allot of rain and we need a slogan like Cleveland Steamer!

“I went over his house to have sex, he was drinking, we fell asleep in his bed, and I woke up the next morning in a Rochester Rain Puddle.”

Rochester Red Hot

The art of soaking one penis in a bottle of Frank’s Original Red Hot Cayenne Pepper Sauce, and then having sex with someone. Some say it functions as a perfect spermicide.

Joab: “Dude, I took my date to Nick Tahoe’s last nite.”
Doc: “Really? What did you get?”
Joab: “I got a cheeseburger plate with Mac and Home Fries.”
Doc: “What did your date get?”
Joab: “She a vegatarian, but I did give her a Rochester Red Hot!”
Doc: “Cool, at least you won’t be a daddy!”

Rochester Shuffle

When a man has anal sex with a woman then takes a shit in her gaping asshole.

Last night I took Cathy out to a nice restaurant, then we went back to my place and I gave her the old Rochester shuffle.

Rochester Snow Cone

When a man masturbates in a cone chaped object, often an orange road cone, and ejaculates in it. The woman then licks it up, like a snow cone.

Hey, did you hear Steve gave Erica a Rochester Snow Cone?

Rochester Reuben

A sexual maneuver achieved when you pour steaming hot au jus in to a whorish females snatch, fuck her to climax and blow your spicy horse radish load all over her nasty roast beef curtains.

That bitch had some sick hanging meat drapes, I had to give her a Rochester Reuben.

My Personal Favorite:

Rochester Idea

A (typically) costly solution to a problem that didn’t exist.

The Fast Ferry to Toronto was a great Rochester Idea.

The Renaissance Square Theater above the Bus Depot is another great Rochester Idea.



4 comments on “Urban Dictionary’s Guide to Rochester
  1. Pase says:

    Finally a name for it (rochester rain puddle) I just thought it was piss drunk . I have given several lmao

  2. TeenSet says:

    disgusting, your going out of busine

  3. I have heard of two many case of the Rochester Rain Puddle. Finally, a fitting and local name for it!

  4. SJ says:

    HAhahaHAHAhaha YESSS!!!! I am proud to be a Rochestarian! And I have also been the recipient of a Rochester Rain Puddle before…

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