Album Review: Escape from Instinct

Album Review: Escape from Instinct

Intrinsic has been playing in Rochester for almost four years now. They released their second album early last week as a pre record label release. The new album “Escape from Instinct” shows the evolution of Subvert, a genre the band is pioneering.

“[The album title] simply means to leave your comfort zone and try something new in an original, pure, and honest way. Don’t be afraid of change, it is inevitable.” explained Mykel Bellanca “The record’s a little different from our first one (Ultra Violence – 2009) in the sense of speed and some-what a change in style. It’s a little slower paced, songs are longer… but it has the same ethos.”

The album shows how the band has progressed in the last four years. The heavier influences are still there, but there are songs like “I’ll Hold On” and “Catalyst” that take a more melodic approach. Even songs that were released earlier this summer on their EP “Subvert Kings” have been reproduced to sound cleaner for the official release.

The album is available now on Bandcamp for $8. Because the album is set to be rereleased on Eat Here Records in February, only twenty physical copies have been printed in the form of a limited edition version of the album.

Download “Escape from Instinct” here

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