Rochester Bartender: Envious Disguise

Rochester Bartender: Envious Disguise

In our new series “The Rochester Bartender” , we create drinks based off of the landmarks and bands of Rochester NY.  We will start off with something simple, how to make the Envious Disguise.

Step 1: Take your margarita glass

Step 2: Fancy that shit up. Salt the rim, add a lime, an orange peel, and a little umbrella.

Step 3: Fill that glass up with the cheapest Genny beer you can.

You see because no matter how fancy that drink wants to be it will never be. It’s just an Envious Disguise.


Check out the Real Envious Disguise Here



2 comments on “Rochester Bartender: Envious Disguise
  1. Erin Scorse says:

    Correction to the above statement:
    I will make any drink that you tell me how to do as long as my Dad allows it. (And you know, he’s got rules. lol)

  2. Erin Scorse says:

    I believe that I totally remember making that drink at the brew haus there. Haha, It was the Cream Ale. I also love the concept of drinks by band!!!
    You know I’ll make anything you tell me to. If there are more band drinks, let me know!

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