Music Spotlight: Cottage Jefferson

Music Spotlight: Cottage Jefferson

Cottage Jefferson is a local indie band that started playing early last January. Previously a Christmas band, they got sick of playing “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer” and started writing the music which would later turn into their first EP 8/7 Central.

The band has gone through some changes since the first EP; Alex, the original drummer, and Katie, Synth player and vocalist, have left the band. Taking over the drums is Atom Mac from Routine Involvements. That hasn’t slowed the band down much. They just released a three song demo tape titled “Nothing Much or Everything” and have plans on releasing a second EP next February. “We work very well together,” says drummer Atom Mac, “we are constantly writing new music. We may only meet for three hours a week some weeks but we will get a ton done in that time.”

When I met Cottage Jefferson for an interview we inevitably started talking about the local music scene. “We need more venues” Eric, the bands guitarist stated. “The Bug Jar is great until you have played it six or seven times. There are so many bands constantly have to book over each other.”

“Overall we need for scene unity” says Dan, lead singer and guitarist, “ You might find band that are really popular in their own pocket of music, but people who are going to other shows have never heard of them. The bigger bands from every pocket of the city need to come together and play a super show”

Download their Demo tape here

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