Music Spotlight: Pig Banshee

Music Spotlight: Pig Banshee

Pig Banshee is a trio of subterranean minstrels, sent to amuse and delight with an array of brutish and endearing melodies. Banned from several local establishments, in Pig Banshee one finds a necessary blurring of the lines between standard-issue punk-rock/wise-ass behavior and genuine distilled dirtbaggery.

But don’t let the arrest records fool you, folks: these indigenous tunesmiths aim to please, and pleasing they are indeed. I overheard one fan praise their music’s diversity of scope; “I can hear, like, FIFTEEN different influences”. Indeed, their cretinous rumble ‘n’ stomp might court the realm of eclecticism… were it a trifle more coherent, I could likely confirm or deny this courtship with more confidence.

Their varied influences emerge as a charming patchwork hodgepodge, seemingly born out of equal parts confusion and daring. I asked their singer and primary songwriter Diggy what his “thesis” for Pig Banshee was. He stared blankly, put 40 cents in my hand, and wandered off into my kitchen in pursuit of more unguarded (and thus available) alcohol. Catch ‘em before their next period of incarceration.

This article was brought to you by Rochester Teenset Outsider, a local teen out reach group. You can check out their Facebook HERE, or their website HERE



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