The Insomniac’s Guide to Shopping Local Online, Part 2

The Insomniac’s Guide to Shopping Local Online, Part 2

Frankly, this article may be no help if you are reading for the holidays. Christmas is on Tuesday. You’ve got to place an order, it has to be filled, shipped, sorted, stored, picked up and delivered, if not wrapped by you, as well. There’s just no time.

But then again, hey, maybe you haven’t had any time. Right? Right? The internet is the only ‘away time’ you get. Holidays are the real days off; it only makes sense to do your shopping then.

In fact, get a head start. Browse through these local online shops for gifts that you could buy day-of, maybe day before. When you have time.

But, Be nice about it.

Buy gifts with people on your tablet or smartphone. Tell them you didn’t want to guess on their size, or something. That’s sweet.

Or, be naughty. Wrap the printed receipt into a package, fully monty style.

“Hey I got you a present, and that fair trade coffee you had your eye on…””

Or don’t, because you already shopped and this article was no help. Especially if you were planning for a family holiday. This technology is too much for the old ones, anyway.

(Shops are in no order for better gift brainstorming.)
-A kick-ass webster based company that has more ironic tees that can stuff into your argyle stockings.They also received global recognition for their “baby mop,” baby not included.
-Could Lakeshore Records have gotten a better domain name? There’s plenty of music online but they also have giant posters, books and tees in store.
-A women’s urban boutique on Monroe Avenue.
– A Hungerford studio that creates chic accessories from used bike inner tubes and other recycled material. All your friends will be “green” with envy…
-Upscale women’s accessories and garb.
– Coolest store ever. Models are cool, right? RC Cars definitely are.
-Best of, T-shirt prints from Hide The Bodies.
-Killer fashionista Kiley Kouture’s online shop . She can also provide consulting.
-These leather and metal accessories would have been in the part one, but she has an online shop. So here it is!
-“Hog” all your presents, its the house of guitars is online! Instruments and Records.
-Everyone one’s one stop shop for mom gifts.
-An online store of fair trade goods.
-A Park Avenue shop for women’s clothing.
-You know those subway prints? You can get them from the source here. They also have old bus tokens..
-Hip clothing for guys and gals on South Ave.
– A store that has everything at Winton and Main. Like, everything.
– Fresh women’s clothing with a lot of local. Located on Park Ave.
– Art supplies on West Main St. Paint is a great gift.




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