Insomniac Guide to Cheap Eats

Insomniac Guide to Cheap Eats

We have been finding the cheapest food around the city for almost a year now with our “Full for Five” series. With a new year right around the corner we thought we would throw together a handy guide to find cheap grub across the city.

Everything iz Good -274 Goodman Street North

A tasty Caribbean food joint right by Javas. For under $5 you can get two beef patties and a soda, a good way to fill yourself up before heading across the street to Richmond’s Bar. For a few dollars more you can get a huge portion of jerk chicken complete with brown rice and veggies.

Henry G’s – 678 South Ave.

If you find youself hungry in the South Wedge be sure to stop at Henry G’s Deli. They offer any specialty half sub for under $5. Doesn’t sound like much but they load a ton of ingredients on fresh made bread. When money is scarce I’ve even split a half sub with a friend and still have felt full.

Big Deal Pizza – 475 Monroe Ave

It almost seems like cheating, you can find cheap pizza pretty much anywhere in the city. But its not the giant New York style slices that draw attention, the real deal are the garlic knots. For $3.50 you get two fresh made garlic knots, they even have everything style. If you think an everything bagel covered in garlic butter is a bad idea, your dead wrong.

Cravings – 158 West Main Street

Mainly known for its soups and sandwiches, what drew us to the small deli was its Taco in a Bag. A snack Doritos bag filled with ground beef, salsa, lettuce, sour cream and cheese. The owner origionally made these up so her kids would have something to eat after lacrosse games, I was a little reluctant at first to try the meal but now I am hooked.

999 Grocery and Deli – 709 Clinton Avenue South

Located on South Clinton this gas station looking grocery store is famous for its fried chicken. The stuff looks neon orange under the heat lamps, but people still line up across the store to grap a few pieces. But what we went there for was their burgers, fresh bread, loaded with the works, and grilled to perfection; for $5 you can grab a double cheese burger or a single burger and a Arizona.

They take a little while to cook though, so if the person behind you is grabbing chicken, let them go first.

Antonetta’s – 1160 Jay Street

Anotonetta’s is like eating a home cooked meal at your great aunt’s house. Not the friendly aunt that baked cookies and seals everything with a kiss. No, the aunt that chain smokes Newports, ashes in the salad and doesn’t give a shit whether your comfortable or not. The food here is amazing though and the servings are huge. We were cheating when we called it a full for five, most meals are around $8-10, but you can easily split these with another person.

Well there you have it folks. Whether you are struggling to make a buck or your just trying to save some money for the bars this will be a handy guide to find cheap eats across the city.



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