Cammy Enaharo Names Her Ukuleles

Cammy Enaharo Names Her Ukuleles

Cammy Enaharo has been writing and playing music for four years. We met at her favorite open mic spot, Boulder Coffee, to talk about the playing the piano, covering songs, and getting a EP recorded with the help of Rusted Root.

Do you prefer open mics to performing shows?

Boulder open mics are probably my favorite; everyone is really open-minded and it is really comfortable. I love shows, and I don’t mind getting paid every once in an awhile, but I have been coming to Boulder open mics every week now so I know everybody.

Did you start with the ukulele?

I started out with piano, but I’m really not that good at it. I went to Nazareth for music therapy and my focus was piano, which really sucked the fun out of playing it. I couldn’t write with the piano, with the ukulele it is only four strings so it’s real easy to come up with something on the spot.

Do you have a lot of ukuleles or just one?

I have a bunch of them, many of them were gifts.  I have Lenore, Charlie, Frita, Frankie, Regina, and Barry. Barry is the Baritone.

Wait, so you name all of your ukuleles?

Of course! You can’t just have them and not name them. Most people name their instruments right?

Do you do the recording yourself?

I use Garage Band. I have a mic and a mixer in my room to do the recording.

I went to Pittsburgh over the summer and stayed with Preach Freedom from Rusted Root and he paid for me to record an EP of six songs. It was in an awesome church studio. But that was a special occasion, normally I do all of the recording myself.

How did you get involved with recording in Pittsburgh?

I opened for them at a random gig at Jamestown, I knew one of their back up singers and she invited me down to play. I met Preach and he liked my music a lot, he offered to pay for the EP. He had a lot of faith in me, I’m really grateful for that.

The EP isn’t done yet. I still have to make the album art work and print the albums.

Would you rather play a cover or an original?

An original defiantly, I don’t play covers that often. The last cover I did was “I Will Never Fall in Love Again” by Dionne Warwick. I usually don’t do covers; I don’t want to mess up someone else’s song.

What got you stared in wanted to play out?

I had a Soundcloud that I was putting some of my music on. Suddenly I got a huge response from listeners who liked my music. I became Soundcloud of the day two years ago and I was super excited. Seeing that people could relate and really liked my music made me want to do more with it and play out.

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