Golden Road Exclusive: KRUDco

Golden Road Exclusive: KRUDco

Golden Road and the Insomniac met up with Aaron Costa and Alan Presutti from KRUDco and talked about skateboarding in Rochester and how KRUDco got started. Check it out!

How did KRUDco first start?

Aaron Costa: I started it above my dad’s tire store just as somewhere to buy skateboards. There wasn’t really a place in town that was for skateboarders. Opened up back in 1994, like minded people came around. Alan jumped on board pretty early on and helped us move into our current spot. We just built it up from there.

Does KRUDco mean anything?

Aaron: There is no real meaning to it.

Alan Presutti: It’s more of just a group of friends, Kruds.

How did you first get into skating?

Allen:  first skateboard I rode on was one of those plastic 70’s boards at my cousin’s house. Years later my friend had a board and I started riding with him. Around 1987 for a birthday present I got my first skateboard at Samurai Skateshop downtown. It’s been mayhem ever since.

Aaron: My first skateboard was around 1986, I had to have the Bones Brigade board. Same deal as Allen, a bunch of friends skateboarded, the bigger guys did it and it seemed fun. That’s about it, its all history now.

Do you think it’s easier or harder to skate in Rochester?

Alan: It’s maintained about the same over the years. As long as you know the right place to go at the same time you won’t get in trouble. If you skate Liberty Pole at bus line up or in front of an open business, yea you’re going to get in trouble. If you wait to the weekend when all of the scared people leave and go to the suburbs, the city becomes a playground. You have to be like a ninja, sneak in and out and get it done. They can’t watch you all of the time.

Has skating changed with longboards gaining popularity?

Aaron: Its cool, its all skateboarding.

Alan: We grew up in an era where it was all skateboarding. It wasn’t until recently when everyone had to segregate it out. There are people who don’t like longboards because they think jocks do it or people who longboard don’t like skateboarders because they’re a bunch of punks. What they don’t realize is that anyone who sees you on the road is just going to label you a skateboarder.

Do you have any advice for up and coming businesses?

Alan: Work hard, be professional, and be reliable. Keep the dream alive.




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  1. Aaron says:

    it’s Aaron, not Arron

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    It’s Aaron, not Arron

  3. Believer says:

    Keep the dream alive!

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