Full for Five: Chester’s Clam Chowder

Full for Five: Chester’s Clam Chowder

Its 2013 a new year and yet two things remain the same; we are still hungry and still broke as fuck. Never fear though we still have plenty of full for fives to keep you feed using pocket change.

This week we head to Park Ave. to Chester’s Cab pizza to grab some cheap clam chowder. I would never have expected the tiny pizza place to serve chowder if I didn’t trip over their street sign proclaiming “the best clam chowder in Rochester”.

I love chowder so I had to check it out; a bowel of it was only $4.50, which worked for me considering I only had a wad of loose singles from the night before. I paid my five, got my generous portion of soup, and was on my way.

I was still a little skeptic as I sat down to eat it. Normally if you get cheap New England chowder you end up with a meal that is way too watery or has a smell that reminds you of old one night stands. Surprisingly enough it was good, more than good, the stuff was amazing. It ended up being the perfect meal to get you warmed up from the cold.

Was it the best chowder I’ve ever had? Probably not, but it was in the running. Considering the price you can’t go wrong with it.  It’s the perfect food to take the bit out of the Rochester winter.



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  1. I ate there some years ago. I loved it. They have a cool old school meets the new kind of atmosphere. The pizza quality was great too! Large! Come down about .75 cents and they’d be spot on.

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