Endangered Youth Returns

Endangered Youth Returns

Endangered Youth is coming back! We met up with Lead singer Adam Kramer, and drummer, Stephen Haramis to talk about coming back togther as a band, the new sound of EY, and their upcoming album.

When did you decided to regroup as a band?

Steve: October, Adam and I were taking a walk one night. The conversation was slowly creeping towards getting back together but no one wanted to admit it. Finally we agreed to get back together at three in the morning.

We called John right away, you could hear him jump out of bed and the bed fall apart from underneath him as he heard the news. Eric was the hardest one to convince, be he agreed once we got our stuff together.

Adam: my whole thing was when we first talked about getting back together was that it had been less than six months since we broke up. People were saying we were doing it for attention; I assure you that wasn’t the case.

Steve: On august 10th we had every intention that that was it. We just realized that if we were going to get back together it had to be for the right reasons.

So you have been practicing since October?

Steve: Longer actually.

Adam: After the drama cooled down and we were all living in separate spaces, we still found ourselves hanging out a lot together.  Steve and Eric were going to start a new band and were practicing together.

John and I would go hang out with them while they were practicing, we would hang out with John when he was practicing with Chika and the Wolves. It just hit us that we were all together anyway, so we decided to give it another shot.

Steve: The music that Eric and I were writing with the new band actually became the new songs for Endangered Youth. The direction of Endangered Youth has changed completely. We will be playing two new songs during the return show and start recording in the spring.

How much work has already gone into the upcoming album?                    

Steve: We have six songs written now.

Adam: We have been working hard. I loved Furtherance, but I am so much more excited for the new stuff we are writing. It just has been a good vibe. I think we just appreciate working together more than we have in the past.

We really changed the expectations of the band. We are not in it to make it anymore, we are in it just because music is what we love doing. Once you put too much pressure on yourself and the band it stops being fun.

What is going to be the change you see in the sound of the band?

Steve: we feel like the new album is just more advanced that what we did in the past. The song writing, technique, the feel of it, everything is just so much more in depth.

I don’t know how people are going to react to it, or how the old EY fans are going to like it. It is so much stranger than the old stuff; we are getting away from the hardcore feel of it and getting more into experimental stuff. At the same time there is still what you liked from the first album.

Adam: I think Furtherance was a weird record to begin with. You can hear our influences in it, but it was not an easy record. There was weird stuff on that one as well, but people stuck by us through that. I think fans know that we are into more experimental stuff so they are not going to be too surprised by the new songs.

Steve: I think this new album has a lot more diversity to it. Furtherance had a good flow to it, but this album is all over the place. The heavier parts will be heavier, the slower parts will be slower, the sludgy parts will be sludgier; everything just gets more extreme.

Is Endangered Youth going to be playing as much as you did in the past?

Adam: No. When I left the band part of the reason was that we over played. We used to play every weekend to the same kids the same group here in Rochester. It just isn’t as special when you play out that much.

We are more focused on making the shows we play more special. Hopefully more people will come out to see us when it isn’t as easy to see us. We are doing the comeback show then a weekend in Pennsylvania, after that we really don’t have any plays to play yet. We are way more focused on getting the new CD recorded.

Did the Time away help you appreciate what you guy s have done already?

Steve: I think we enjoy Furtherance more than we did when it first came out. We were very self critical when we first released it. But I think at the same time we just need to keep looking forward.

Adam: This is a band that is founded on long friendships. We are all brothers; we have all gone through a lot together.

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