Sex Rock in Leopard Print

Sex Rock in Leopard Print

Picture yourself at a college party, dancing, reminiscing with friends and wondering what the future holds. Now picture yourself in leopard print tights on stage at the same party. Now you’re Khat House, a sex rock band of Rochester, NY.

With Minus The Bear-esk hammer ons, up tempo swings, and crisp vocals, “Welcome to Khat House”, the four song EP of the fabulous five piece, delivers a tight album for all times “chill.” In fact, the group has a knack for creating anthems that feel like you’ve heard them a thousand times before. But that could be the subject matter too.

Singing about pretty girls, first kisses and slow grooves, Khat House hits happy human experience often over looked in the melancholy genre. Forgetting problems exist at all seems to be heart of every track, which is kind of funny.

Khat is a drug used by the ancient (and modern?) Egyptians. It’s said to have euphoric properties along with an addictive habit on the level of cigarettes. It’s not the band’s message, seeing as that they credit their start as basement jams filled with felines. It’s a thought. Here’s another:

Khat House just might make it.

They’re the kind of band that I worshiped in high school, or at least before I started drinking. Saw every show; wore the tee-shirt. There’s something about progressive rock that taps into an intrinsic relatabilty, perhaps reliability, that fosters band love. Plus Khat House is doing everything right to make a fan. Though they don’t preach it, covering songs like “I Believe In a Thing Called Love” and having a fan wardrobe (more leopard print and cat ears), Khat House creates an deep connection to an audience which keeps the kids coming back. That being said, it’s not my type of music anymore. But goddammit it’s somebody’s.

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  1. I’m a student at the University of Rochester, and I actually know a couple of the guys in Khat House. In fact, I ran a house show of theirs through WRUR, at which they played a wonderful cover of “I Believe In a Thing Called Love.” Great to see them on this website. I was referred here by a magician at the Lilac Festival today, does anyone know who this is? Insomniac, perhaps, or another admin? Please let me know, I’d love to converse a bit.

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