Gaby and the Thurstones

Gaby and the Thurstones

Gaby and the Thurstones is a three piece folk band our of Penfield NY.  They recorded their self titled EP last summer and after recording over the 2012 winter break they have just released their newest EP, Ghost, which is available for free on Bandcamp.

Both albums have a very folk sound to them but the band says they didn’t set out with a certain style in mind.  “We didn’t explicitly sit down and say we wanted to write folk songs”, says band member Aaron Lindsay, “Folk is a big portion of what we all listen to, so I guess that comes out in our work.”

“This new album is defiantly more planned out than the first” Gaby Thurston explains. “For our first albums we each wrote two songs and recorded them together to make an EP. Over break this time we still did a lot of individual writing, but we shared about how we wanted each track to sound.”

Download “Ghost” on Bandcamp

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