Chika and the Wolves

Chika and the Wolves

What happens when you take members from three different local rock bands and force them to play together? The answer in this case is a cross between surf rock,, psychedelic, and punk music. We met up with Chika and the Wolves and talked about the start of the band, writing music, and playing drums like a cave-woman.

How did Chika and the Wolves get started?

Eric: John and I lived in a place called the Meatgrinder and I was feeling inspired to write new kinds of music. I was playing crusty, heavy, doomy, stuff; I wanted to play something that was fun. I started writing riffs, the song we always open with, “Boogie Boogie Boogie Banshee”, is the first riff I wrote before the band started. I showed it to John, and we started jamming. About a year later we turned it into a band.

John: eric and I jammed a bit, but we couldn’t figure out a drummer situation. Steph from Love Tunnels showed a little bit of interest, and we kind of pushed her, forced her into, the band.

Steph: That is not how it happened at all. All I remember is little man voices in my ear saying “We want to start a surf band.” and “play in a surf rock band” finally I just said ok.

Eric: I don’t think that is how it happened either.

Steph: Well that’s how I remember it.

Is their a certain sound you are trying to go for?

Eric: It started primarily as a surf rock band. We all have punk and rock influences.

John: Its kind of a bunch of styles conjumbled into one sound.

Eric: It wasn’t that we couldn’t decide on a sound, its that we didn’t want to narrow about writing music.

Steph: We want to do it all, I love the psychedelic sounding songs. I describe myself as cave a woman; at least that’s how I feel when I play the drums; its fun making the boom noises.

John: our main goal is just to jump around and have fun making music.

How does song writing go?

Eric: Extremely sporadic

Steph: Sometimes Eric will be playing a riff and I will just start fucking around on the drums and Eric stops and forces me to remember what I just played.

John: I try and write stuff and they will tell me to shut up and play bass.

Eric: John will write things and it sparks ideas in my head. We each take each others ideas and teak them until it makes a song.

Are you going to record anything in the future?

John: We want to start recording some demos.

Eric: We kind of have to because our friends are starting to demand it.

If you could change anything about Rochester music scene what would it be?

Eric: I like it how it is. I like the diversity and its going to do what it has to do. Everyone does what they want to do and that’s what’s important.

John: We are in this internet age where people can listen to bands music before they see them live, and therefore a lot of people don’t go to shows anymore. I would like to get it back to the old days when you would actually have to go shows to learn about local music.

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