Talking Art with Jamie Lowes

Talking Art with Jamie Lowes

Sometimes interviews turn into more of a discussion than an interview. This was the case when I met up with Jamie Lowes, a local artist whos work will be up for display at Plastic this Friday. What was meant to be a quick Q&A turned into a hour and a half about art, culture, and Rochester.

It has been almost ten years since Jamie has had a show, and he assures me that his new work is very different from anything he has done previously. Because of this I recommend going to his show, not because I know his work, but because anyone so passionate about his art deserves to be supported.

So this is your first show in almost ten years.

I went through a pretty good drought for a while. This last year has been pretty creative, my family is in a good spot, my kids are a little order, so I have had more time to dedicate to painting.

I still have been painting through the years, but nothing I had felt comfortable showing it to the public. It isn’t like I have been bottling up all of my creativity until now. It has been one long process which has shaped the work that will be up Friday.

I had just finished up doing a lot of collage work, and I needed to move on. I realized as I grew up I have gone through a bunch of different styles to be where I am now.  It’s not something you plan or think about until you see the evolution of your own work.

What motivated you to start doing larger pieces again, and open up a new show?

My wife and I moved into a new house, and I have an excellent space to work in. Everything is in a good spot with my family. It was more a lifestyle change than a burst of motivation or creativity. Life had gotten in the way of everything else. It was more a question of space and time.

Honestly if this show was put off another three months and I would probably have another six paintings done. I am really just in a good groove in creating.

Do you feel like all of those sketches and throw aways during the last ten years were wasted?

Doing this work I just do it for me. I really do it because I dig how they look and I like making them. If someone likes them, that’s cool, but I really just do this for myself. IU think that is a luxury of getting older, you stop worrying about who likes your work or not.

I have come to learn that it doesn’t matter. If you are learning or teaching yourself something that’s what is important. If you look at professional artists there are always throw aways. If you look at Bob Dylan, he had so many songs that were never recorded, which were probably better than what most musicians are doing.

What is your process when you’re creating your work?

I try to remove myself as much as I can from the painting. In college I used to paint with a strobe light on. Now I turn the lights down so low that I can’t see what colors I am using, or I paint with my left hand, or my eyes closed. I don’t want to get too caught up in the process of painting; I want to keep it fresh.

Learn more about his upcoming gallery here



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  1. Jamie Lowes says:

    Hey, Joe–
    Thanks for sitting down with me to talk art, brother! Love the website. I am very much looking forward to my opening at Plastic on February 8th.


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