Local Vocals #5

Local Vocals #5


Nevermind that Ole… – Sam.I.Am.The.Son

Hold Up – R.E.A.L

Look At U Now – People With Teeth

Puppy on a Leash – Cialdella

M.C.M.G. – Coach Parsells

Bumpin’ – Avery (The703) feat. Kevin D’Wayne

Raw Dawg – Feminine Odor

She’s a Waste – National Rifle

Life In Sin – The Results

Wasting Time – Envious Disguise

Every Day – Mrs.Skannotto

Ink – Lightning Killed My Parents

Don’t Hesitate – On The Cinder

Sea Shell Recovery – Condition Oakland

Urban Decay – Cran Tangerines

So I’ve Been Told – Endangered Youth

Unappreciated, Sick Pleasure – Waves Crashing Piano Chords

Side 0 – Dirty Needle

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Valentines Day Show At Tala Vera

Endangered Youth Returns



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  1. sean says:

    I WIN BTW it’s waveS with an S on waves crashing pashion chords, and al I want for a prize is a Stephen harmais roginal piece of art

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