Going to Hell: Highfalls Water Tower

Going to Hell: Highfalls Water Tower

You might not be aware of this, but Rochester is going to Hell; At least according to Bob Schlenker creator of christian conspiracy blog, The Open Scroll.  Since he grew up here, Bob Schlenker has spent a lot of time writing about this little city. Over 25 posts, 200 pages, dedicated to exposing the plans that Beelzebub has for upstate New York. As part of the uninformed masses, I am grateful for websites like The Open Scroll to help show me the light. I am happy to announce the return of our segment “Going to Hell” where we explore some of my favorite reasons that Rochester is due to sink into the seventh layer of hell any day now.

Our first article for going to hell we preached how the Highfalls District was the gateway to Hell, well that article basically scratched the surface of the demonic forces that occupy that district. The gateway was only one of many signals that Lucifer is going to use our city as a landing strip when he starts to rain fire on the earth. Another prime example is the Parking garage water tower.

How evil could a water tower be you ask? Bob Sclenker explains:

“What’s on top looks like a stylized (obfuscated) shell, which is the most widely recognized symbol of Aphrodite (aka Venus). This goddess is, of course, not “mythological” in some sense of being merely imagined by the ancients, but rather is a fallen angel or hybrid spawn of one, a Watcher or a Nehilim.
The Aphrodite legend presents her as arising from the sea, from the sea foam (aphros), comparing to the picture presented in Revelation 13:1: ‘And the dragon stood on the sand of the seashore. Then I saw a beast coming up out of the sea …‘”Given how the context is that of High Falls, a waterfall on the Genesee River that generates no small amount of “sea foam,” the stylized sea shell water tower seems fitting. The natural elements of that location easily lend themselves for identification with Aphrodite.
Aphrodite is the goddess of love, or sexual desire, which must be seen as perfectly fitting in the context of signaling the mating of the heavenly with the earthly in the mark of the Beast. [sic.]”

You see as you pass through the Highfalls Gateway by the using the inner loop, ritual magic exposes your “inner loops” or your DNA to demonic forces and exposes you to the influence of the Aphrodite tower. This upside down pyramid is not just a stupid looking water tower, it is a tool that the devil uses to attack your baser instincts and make you lust for sin.

If the Illuminati who built this city have their way, you will be allowing Satan to jump your bones any day now.

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