Reviewing: I Don’t Believe Anything

Reviewing: I Don’t Believe Anything

Cottage Jefferson is the type of band I talk about when I explain to an out-of-towner that Rochester has a solid music scene. Their sophomore album, “I Don’t Believe  Anything”, which was released March 1st, is a prime example of why I use them as an example.

With melodic riffs and vocals reminiscent of Perry Farrell, Cottage Jefferson isn’t the type of band that it is defined by anthem songs or guitar solos.  With songs like Fill the Fountain and it’s the type of garage rock that you could listen to a dozen times and find something new about each song to enjoy.

The overall sound isn’t dramatically different than their last album, 8/7 Central. The new album is a little more melodic than the first, they have lost a vocalist, and the sound is crisper. What makes this album good is it gives you more of what you want to hear.

With only 6 songs and 25 minutes of play time 8/7 Central got me hooked but left me jonesing.  Their most recent demo “nothing Much or Everything” was like a shot of methadone for an addict. This new album has finally quelled my hunger.

Overall, Cottage Jefferson is another one of those bands that I demand you go see live next time they perform. The album is one that you could listen to for hours, dissect it, and find something new to love with each song every play through, but like most good music it doesn’t compare to being there live.

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