White Woods

White Woods

White Woods isn’t scared to be hipster; Hipster hilly-billy, to be exact. The Insomniac had a few drinks with guitarists and co-vocalists Garth Clark, (left) and Matt Coleman, (right). We talked about song writing, keeping a sound and staying “bad-ass.” Their full length album “Middle Season” is now available, but seeing them live is key.

Hipster Hill-billy, huh? Is that an influence from your Wheatland days?

BOTH: Definitely.

That makes me think of ho’downs and playing in yards next to broken cars.

CLARK: It’s some of that mixed with the independent music we both listen to.

What do you take from that isn’t music / how do you come up with songs?

CLARK: I guess hanging out with friends.

COLEMAN: I like to write songs when I feel really good, but usually the songs turn out sad. [Laughs] I don’t think think there’s any rhyme or reason. If you sit down and try to write a song its a lot harder.

CLARK: I’ll hear someone say something that sounds good, or some action or something funny. I never try to write a song, it just kinda happens… a lot of songs about love and friendships and drunks.

You’re songs have a nice texture and consistency through out the album, did you think about that when you’re putting it together?

CLARK: I just like songs that are; you know, 2-4 minutes, very structured, classic songs, in the traditional sense of writing songs that are ill.

Is that the hipster influence you reference

CLARK: [Laughs] I just like catchy shit. I like pop songs on the radio. I’ll hear hooks and shit, and I think that stuff’s cool…the way The Beatles could write a catchy ass tune and still be bad ass…I’m into songs that are accessible. It’s like a song your average person can hear; Where you can recognize a melody like you can recognize a nursery rhyme.

And you have a pretty extensive array of songs, more than just an EP.

CLARK: I pride us on being prolific.

It’s cool that it stays to a consistent sound.

COLEMAN: We definitely had some songs that didn’t  fit in the album, so we think about that… we just like jamming out [to different styles]  Garth (CLARK) likes reggae (and i get really sick of it,) but we’re not going to put reggae on the album.  We come together on a lot. Like, I learned I liked every single Rancid song and I guess it was for the same reason as we were talking about before.

CLARK: Yeah, I’d just really love to write a song that gets remembered. [Laughs] That’s why electronica sucks.. It’s just 30 minutes of drum and bass. You can remember 10 seconds of a loop but that’s about it.

COLEMAN: Right now I’m trying to write riffs that don’t really make a lot of sense at first, but they get catchy. Like the police.

Like Roxanne?

CLARK: [Laughs] Right, and once you know it you can’t wait for the chorus.

Would you rather have your audience vibe or dance crazy and thrash?

CLARK: I think it’s cool when you can do both, ‘because the third option of just standing there, that just sucks.

Do you guys have that one fan? What’s that like?

BOTH: We do, he’s actually on the back [of the album] It’s cool!

So you definitely play for people?

CLARK: I love playing shows, it’s really fun. When everything’s clicking, everyone’s having a good time.  I’m always like “lets play shows, lets play shows!” I could do two in a day and I’d be happy.

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  1. Grace Bayer says:

    Great band, love them. It’s hard to sit still when they start jammin’ !!!!

  2. garth clark says:

    sick! insomniac is ill

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