Get Wet

Get Wet

The Drippers love playing live and they love playing long. A three song set by these local ambient rockers could easily last an hour. So when you go see these guys make sure to grab your drink and take your smoke drink before hand, because your in for an experience that you don’t want to miss a second of.

How did the band get started?

Mike: It was my wife and I originally; it was called the Celebration of Man. I got really sick of that name so we became The Drippers. We went through a bunch of drummers until we met Adam. We only have two shows under our belt with the new line up.

What made you decide to go this ambient jam direction?

Mike: I guess it’s just how it comes out.  I do a ton of recording on my own, and then Adam tweaks it so we can play live.  Rob has really crazy moments on guitar that are really spacey.

Rob: I think we all come from different backgrounds that ranges from punk to experimental.

Mike: We had an art show; called The End of the World, at the owl house earlier on and I wrote a song for the show.  It turned into a twenty five minute song. I love playing live you have a lot more freedom.

Adam: We aren’t making music for people to dance to. I mean we could, but then we would be the worst band ever.

Do you have any plans to record in the future?

Mike: We are recording all of the time. I continually record what ever we write and play and put it up for download on sound cloud. I have an intro to Drippers on Soundcloud which is a thirty five minute track

Do you enjoy playing long songs?

Mike: I do, that intro wasn’t meant to be a long song. All of my recordings were pretty jumpy in volume so I spliced everything together and matched the volume. I just got too lazy to separate them. I just pushed it so they all overlapped, it sounded cool so we left it.

What’s you favorite effects petal?

Mike: The memory man, I have three of them on my board. I think I have total pedals total, but I use the memory man the most. The key is to make a heavy band with as much delay as possible.

Rob: He has a talk box and I keep convincing him to use it.

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