Local Vocals #7

Local Vocals #7


Hipster Fever – People With Teeth (Album)

Long Way to the Ground – The End Men (Album)

Backoff Warchild Seriously – The Ginger Faye Bakers (Album)

Diana – Kitty Snowpants (Album)*

Man On A Wire – Routine Involvements (Album)*

Unexplained Tales – Neuroceptor (Album)

Elephants – Hassan Mackey and Apollo Brown (Album)

Vaporbomb Love Affair – Makeshift Letterbox(Album)*

Irene – Alberto Alaska (Album)

Current Disappointment/Future Acceptance – Keeler  (Single)

Like Brother – Envious Disguise (Single)

The Biodeisel Blues – Taking Meds (Album)

Dead Explorers – Hideout (Album)

Love The Life – Mosiac Foundation (Album)

Shut That Refrigerator Door – Mac and Cheese (Album)

Inauspicious Starts – Autoverse (Album)*

This Could Be The Time – Branch Davidsons (Single)

*= Don’t Make A Scene Compilation



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