Gin and Bonnets are Friends

Gin and Bonnets are Friends

The members of Gin & Bonnets are friends.  Too good of friends, vocalist, Danielle Montrond joked, meeting the band outside the Bug Jar.

“We all hang out on a constant basis. We don’t even practice!”  She laughed.  “We’re almost more than a band on the side!”

Their comradely is reflected in their songs and on stage.  The acoustic folk rock is a happy explosion that inspires and subdues at the same time.  With male and female vocals that dance between cellos, harmonicas, and mandolins, the band creates music that is reminiscent of playground loves, while remaining serious in other songs.

“We all play off each other,” they agreed.


The drummer, John Sokolofsky subbed in one show and clicked.

“We were like, ‘You’re staying,” Trevor Courneen said.  The guitarist and co-vocalist met Montrond and the bassist Tim Braley on the internet, but Braley was already a fan.

“I saw them at the Shark Tank and wanted to play with them.”  He ended up finding them on two weeks later on Craigslist. What’s funny is that their history goes back even further than that.

Braley told the story:

“My brother and her [Montrond] met when they were 15, they were both from different towns. They got their picture taken together, at a photo booth and never saw each other again.”

Montrond figured out this coincidence at a later party.

“Holy shit you’re my sticker on my agenda, in like, seventh grade,” she said exclaimed!

Aside from their fun shows and surprising beginnings, Gin & Bonnets could be seen as harbinger of good times for our City. All from different towns, the members hold a thing in common.

“We came here for the scene,” they said.



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