Velvet Elvis Gives You a Fat Complex

Velvet Elvis Gives You a Fat Complex

Formed in 2008, Velvet Elvis has been paring the heavy riffs and powerful vocals with spaced out feedback and echo laden guitars that makes you feel like took a time machine back to the 1970’s. We caught up with them after getting back from tour to talk about the progression of the band and touring.

How did Velvet Elvis get started?

Luke: About five years ago, my band broke up and Brandon’s band broke up. We were pretty good friends and we decided to go to his old practice space and hang out for a while.  We ended up hanging out there four or five times a week, at one point we had a bunch of riffs written so we just started with that.

His band has a show booked that they couldn’t play, so we intended on just filling in for that and moving on.  But here we are five years later.

Scott: They were also called Dionysus and The Party Dudes at the time.

Luke: We played a heavy Stooges influenced rock and roll.

Brandon: It was just shitty punk music; party music.

Luke: Our songs were just about drinking, dipping, and having sex with women.

What’s it like being a band that has been around for so long?

Scott: Tiring

Karrah: The band has gone through some changes.  Brandon and Luke have always been in the band.  There was another drummer and guitarist at one point.  We have been this line up for almost two years.

Brandon: I think this is the final incarnation of the band.

Karrah: Our style and our writing keeps evolving.  We are willing to try new stuff, I think it makes more sense to stay together as a band and let the style change as we go.

How has your sound changed over time?

Luke: We recorded our first demo that was real heavy stoner rock like, with our first drummer. Our first actual album we were a lot more solid and we were able to expand what we did and move into a lot more sound effects with guitar and more psychedelic like. Since then our music has kept changing.

You guys just got back from tour; does it feel good to be back home?

Karrah: We all wanted to keep going.

Luke: It is nice to consistently sleep in your own bed, but it is a bummer because when you wake up you aren’t packing up your shit and playing in another city.

Scott: The first week on tour I figured it was going to suck balls but then you get used to it and its fun.  Before you know it, it is almost over and you don’t want to go back to work.  Brandon had the hardest time adjusting.

Brandon: I called into work for four days after I got back to Rochester.  (laughs)

Why did you choose the south to tour?

In Unison: Because it was warm.

Luke: We wanted to tour but we didn’t want to go too far away to the point where if we ran out of money we couldn’t make it back.

Scott: It made sense to book it this way.  It let us drive down to the southern most shows that we knew we wanted to hit and still allowed us to get shows in between on the way up and down.

Any drama come out of the tour?  Write any heart wrenching ballads?

Luke: I got real fat…

Brandon: We tried to give Luke a fat complex and it worked.  That was fun.

Scott: We didn’t write anything while we were out.

Brandon: As soon as we got back we started writing again.  In two weeks we had about three songs done.

What do you write about?

Karrah: We write a lot of different sci-fi theme songs.

Brandon: Sci-fi mixed with human misery.

Luke: Wizards and Caldrons.

What do you think of the Rochester music scene?

Brandon: It’s coming up and it is a lot cooler than what it was five years ago.

Scott: We definitely went through a lull for a while but there is a lot going on now.  There are a lot of cool bands coming out now.

Karrah: It is real diverse considering how small the city is.



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