Thirty Seconds of Brutality

Thirty Seconds of Brutality

Special Buddy Discount plays fast, I mean super fast.  Their newest compilation has eleven songs and only about thirteen minutes of play time.  They want their sets to be as brutal as fuck and as quick as possible, a throw back to how grind core should be played.  We met up with SBD to talk about the metal scene, mixing up their set, and free subs.

How did Special Buddy Discount get started?

Matt: Mike and I were talking about forming a grind band for a while.  We got Steve and Mike Involved and just started playing and writing songs.

Steve: We started at a time when there were a lot of grind bands in Rochester and then when Spoon Full of Vicodin broke up that kind of marked the end of it all. A lot of people just quit doing it; we thought it sucked so we started to start our own.

How long have you guys been playing?

Zach: As far as SBD is concerned we have been playing for about a year and a half.

Mike: We have all been friends for a long time, and we have all been in other bands in the past. So it was just a matter of time until we got together and played.

How did you come up with the name Special Buddy Discount?

Steve: It was a name Mike had been tossing around forever.

Mike: I would steal subs at work and give them to our friends and call it our “Special Buddy Discount”

What do you think about the metal scene in Rochester?

Steve: It goes through ups and downs.  The trends change all of the time.  Back when I played in Severed Head Sarcophagus people were all about black metal. Then everyone got into death metal.  Before all of that it was all about punk and grind and was much more D.I.Y.  It changes all the time for better or for worse.

Zach: It could be better, but it could also be way worse.

What made you focus on grind core?

Steve: What I like about grind core is it is probably the least committed music I have ever played.  If you aren’t into a riff or a song, it’s going to be over in thirty seconds anyway.

Matt: You try to have a fifteen second, brutal as fuck song.

Mike: How many riffs can you cram into thirty seconds?

Steve: When we play live we switch up the playlist and try to cram as many songs back to back as possible. We don’t pause between songs.  Some people can’t even tell where one song starts and the other begins.

Matt: We have a lot of fun figuring out which songs go well with each other.  We like to change it up a lot.  Each set is different we mix and match depending on how we feel.

I like that someone could go to two different shows and get two very different sounds depending on how you guys arrange the music.

Matt: People can tell certain songs based on more melodic parts on each song, it’s just a matter of when the melodic parts will come in during a set.  We will do a melodic song then ten seconds of the fastest song possible then back into a slow part, just to mix it up.

How do you guys come up with songs?

Steve: We will sit around and create a song on a riff to riff basis and just decide whether we like it or not.  Other times one of us will write a whole song at home and come to practice to flesh it out; As far as lyrics go that’s Matt’s department.

Matt: I listen to what riffs these guys come up with then listen to it until I come up with lyrics that fit. What ever it is about is what ever is on my mind at the time.


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