From Solo to Seven Piece

From Solo to Seven Piece

So how did Paxtor get started?

I moved here from flagstaff Arizona about three years ago.  For a long time I did solo performances, after a while people started trickling in and we ended up with a seven piece band.’

When you started playing did you realize it was going to turn into such a big band?

No, not at all, it has taken much of a band type feel; people can actually dance to our music.  When it was me solo it was a little drone like and spacey.  It has defiantly evolved over time, and a lot more samples are being used.

Do you think it is easier or harder to write music as you add band members?

Everyone in this band is so freaking good that I don’t have to tell them to do a whole lot. They catch on really easy and just play.  I have been in a lot of band in my life and this band works the best with each other.

I would say it has been easier; we just finished recording a seventeen track album.  We just got a rough mix of a few songs so we expect it to be out early summer.

What’s the song writing process like?

A lot of the times I will right the base of the song then we flesh the song out together. Everyone writes their own parts.  It is not like I have to direct them in any way; I trust them to play good music.

What do you think of the Rochester music scene?

I really dig it, it’s different.  I came from Flagstaff, and did house shows for about three years. There was a lot of punk and metal. Living here it is so different it is so diverse; there is a lot of diversity here.  I got lucky by moving into the house I did, there is so much going on here and so many awesome people, it has been an awesome experience.

I come from a really quiet mountain town, people always ask “Why Rochester?” it was total coincidence but it totally worked.  I moved here for music and it has really worked out.





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