Music Spotlight: Preseverance

Music Spotlight: Preseverance

Perseverance, a new straight edge hardcore band has been playing around the area for the last few months.  I first saw them perform at Endangered Youth’s reunion show.  We had the chance to meet up with the crew and talk about pop punk vs. hardcore, being straight edge, and the local music scene.

How did Perseverance get started?

Jon: Caleb and I are brothers so we have been playing for a while, I have always played guitar and he plays drums.

Caleb: I went on tour in Florida with a band called Strength in What Remains.  When I got home I wanted to start a band up here.  Originally we wanted to start a pop punk band, but as we started writing we thought hardcore would be better.

We met Jake from going to shows and a bible study that we all go to.  We have known Steve for a while now as well.

How long have you been playing together?

Jacob: Our first practice was right after thanksgiving and Steve joined a few weeks later to play bass.

Jon: Unified Underground, the bible study we go to, had a Christmas party which was our first actual show.  We played Steve’s school once.  For some reason they asked us to play.

Steve: There were a lot of country rock bands during the show and we played a hardcore set.  No one was really into it, but it was a good throw away practice show.

What made you lean more towards hardcore than pop punk?

Caleb: Pop punk didn’t really fit what we were writing.  Jon just had this one riff that really felt more hardcore that we liked.  We decided to abandon pop punk and start writing hardcore.

Have any plans to record?

Caleb: We have recorded a quick five song demo a while back in Avon. We are going to try to record another EP or a Full length this summer.

Is there a certain sound you go for?

Caleb: We just write, we don’t go for anyone style.  We don’t try to sound any one way. As long as we all like it that is what matters.

How does the song writing process go?

Jon: I will start writing riffs, and then I will jam out parts with Caleb.  Jake is always writing vocals.  Once that is all set we will go through everything with Steve.

Jake: I bounce back and forth between straight edge and Christian songs.  There is always positive living or negative living that I have over come.  I write about my life and the things I go through.

What do you think of the local music scene?

Jon:  I think it is on the rise for sure.  I am pretty new to it though, I have only been going to shows for about a year.

Steve: We are all kind of sheltered.  But I have noticed that the actual hardcore scene was going down for a bit and now it is starting to pick up again. The metal scene had been over shadowing the hardcore scene recently. But the last shows we went to there has been a good turnout for hardcore bands.

Do you think this city is receptive towards straight edge bands?

Jon: We have received a lot of respect from people.  There are so few straight edge people in Rochester, let alone a whole straight edge band.

Caleb: We haven’t played many big shows but every place we go seems to respect what we are doing.  We might get a different view point once we start playing out more at bar and stuff. Places like the Flying Squirrel help.

Jon: We definitely need more all ages venues in Rochester.






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