Rock and Roll Done Right

Rock and Roll Done Right

The Ginger Faye Bakers play music that is as iconic as their name. The music they play doesn’t reinvent the wheel, its almost a tribute to they type of rock you grew up listening too and wish there was more of.  What it’s doing is changing the direction the wheel is going in, back to a time when Rock was just about making good music.

When talking to the trio, the conversation the topic quickly goes to music then stays on the topic of music. What started off as a typical interview turned into an hour long discussion about iconic albums, guitar solos, and discographies. I did manage to get a few questions answered:

How long have you guys been playing together?

Nathan: Timothy and I have been playing for about four years.  Billy’s been playing drums with us for about a year.

Tim: We had trouble holding down drummers until Billy came along. We would be playing with someone for maybe four five months and then take off.  We spent about a year not playing because we didn’t have a drummer.

Billy: I moved out here from Syracuse, I spent about six months playing in shitty cover bands for money. I was getting real desperate to play in a band. I saw the ad they put on craigslist as soon as I saw the name I wanted to hear what they sound like.

Nathan: Billy was the only guy out of ten guys who was under forty so he made the cut.

Tim: The band seemed to gel once Billy joined. It feels like there is much more of a focus on what want to sound like as a band.

Nate and I have known each other for years.

Billy: Get this those two were born on the same day and went to high school in the same small town and have been playing music together since high school.

When I met then I didn’t know if I could hang out with these two, finishing each other sentences. It’s like two brothers.

How did you come up with the name?

Nate: We were just hanging out , being stupid, we were talking about Ginger Baker from Cream. Then we started talking about Tami Faye Baker, that Jim Baker the televangelist wife.

Tim: Ginger Baker is just a weird dude, just a total difficult person.  He even looks weird.

Where do you guys get your influence from?

Nate: I tended to gravitate to 1960s rock. I mean I listen to a lot of contemporary music but I like the old stuff better.

Billy: Nate is an uber hipster; if it was made past ’73 he can’t do it, unless it’s the white stripes or black angels.

Nate: I defiantly gravitate to music toward that time period. There is a lot of great music that is happening now, I think we are a part of that. You cant reinvent the wheel when it comes to rock and roll, you can just move it in a different way.

Billy: I have never met two guys who have the same affinity to eighties hair metal as I do.

Nate: I like the beetles, but as far as guitar playing goes the best is early black Sabbath. The first four records cant be touched.

Tim: I listen to a lot more punk rock, but I have always loved John Paul Jones as a bass hero. He used to blow my mind. He never overplayed but everything he played seemed right for led zeppelin. Plus he was a good dresser.

Billy: I have been listening to a lot of Phil Collins and Genesis the other day.

What do you think about the Rochester music scene?

Tim: For a small city there is so much music happening here. It seems like every genre of music is represented in some way.  People will come out to everything as well, metal, rock, bad dance rock, everything.  Everyone seems to be into it.

Billy: I was pretty fascinated with the amount of support here.  When I first moved here I went to go see Sports, Thunder Body, and a couple other bands at the Music Hall. There was like five or six hundred people there.  Syracuse is much more of a cover band scene.  There really isn’t any centrally local music venue.

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