All American Metal

All American Metal

Its hard to describe AFR as anything else but pure American Metal.  There songs are filled with fast heavy chords, seemingly impossible guitar solos and a singer that can be both melodic and guttural. The band is working on releasing their debut EP, and I was able to catch up with them at their practice spot for a quick interview:

How did the band get started?

Edwin: I had been in other bands that have continuously imploded.  Alan had another band and wanted to do a side project.  When both of our bands bit the dust we kept playing AFR together. We found Brandon on craigslist, and I didn’t know Chandler could play bass until she started jamming with us.

What kind of bands did you playing before?

Edwin: First it was rock reggae, and then I played in a prog rock band, now AFR is its own sound.

Alan: This band has its own sound to it.  People call it hardcore, but the music and singing changes so much it is very hard to categorize it.  I have been in bands for twenty years now and it is nothing I have done before.

How long does it take you to compose the songs?  There are so many changes in them.

Edwin: That varies we have done songs in three weeks, we’ve done songs in four months.

Alan: it usually comes from Edwin, he starts with the idea.  Except for the first song we played, that one I brought with me. We are constantly adding to our songs.

Tell us about the upcoming EP ‘ A Hero to Villains”

Alan: We are releasing the EP, which will have four songs, that is just a sample of what is coming up.  We are already working on more songs that will eventually become an album. We eventually want to come out with a concept album that tells a story. It is something I want to do, but we need to get through the next EP and Album first.

Is there a meaning behind the EP title?

Edwin: It’s the name to one of our songs; I don’t think there is a ton of meaning behind it.

Brandon: We started playing the song and really liked the name so it just stuck.

Alan: I was drunk one night when I came up with the name.  I said it to myself while I was watching Spiderman.

What do you think of hardcore in Rochester?

Edwin: I like hardcore, I am a huge Siren and Sailor fan.  That stuff is really awesome, but even if we have tried to go in that direction, I don’t think AFR could sound like that.

Brandon: What makes our band unique is the music backgrounds that each member comes from.  We all are into very different music and we come together with different styles in mind.

Alan: we don’t want to be a set style of music, but we don’t want to be experimental to the extreme or just to be different.  We play what we know and add our different styles.  We play what we know and we play it well.

What do you think of the Rochester music scene in general?

Chandler: Here we always have places to play.

Alan: I have been here for ten years so I have seen the change that has happened. Bands and fans don’t stay to see other bands like they used to.

Edwin: I have been surprised at the support we have gotten since we started.

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