Leisure Perspective

Leisure Perspective

A while back we featured “Hit and Run” a skate video made by local filmmaker Mike faller.  Since that release Mike has moved down to Brooklyn to further his film career.  He has also teamed up with Mike Breitmaier and a few others to create Leisure Perspective, a blog that features music, art, photography, and a ton of skateboarding from both Rochester and Brooklyn.  We caught up with Mike to talk about the new site and making films.

Hey Brother, tell our readers a little about the site!

LP is a way for us as creatives to organize our work and interests on a single platform.  The site is in its very early stages and it’s pretty loose but it features more than just skating.  It features us.  As I continue my career as a filmmaker the blog will follow my work and progression on my projects.  Same with Mike as he shoots more photos.  LP is all about creating a sense of community online.

What inspired you to start a site that features both Rochester and NYC skating?

Mike Breitmaier came to me with the idea of the site.  (Words by Mike Breitmaier)  “Well we started the site to share our videos, photos, and other things we enjoy creating and we are both from Rochester and I’ve been here covering the scene in Rochester and Mike Faller is covering the Brooklyn scene.”

What first got you interested in film?

Shooting my friends skating in our driveways and skate park down the road was my first introduction to filmmaking and it began to grow on me.  I wanted to challenge myself and create something with content and a story.  So I started making short films with my friends for fun.  Eventually I began doing client work and actually making money.  With more and more experience I began to realize the inevitable power film has as a visual medium and me being an extremely visual person I made the decision of pursuing film as a career and not just a hobby.

Beach Goth from Christian Payment on Vimeo.

You mix an interesting blend of video, skate footage and music (Tequila, Hit and Run) how do you decide to pair the different media?

Skateboarding is an art form which is much more relatable than people seem to believe or give it credit for.  With the stylistic decision of pairing different media I attempt to bridge the gap of skate videos being just for skateboarders.  Mixing media is a great method for creating a comparison on a larger scale to generate interest of those who might not be skateboarders.

Do you see a difference between the skate scene in Brooklyn vs. Rochester?

Being from such a small city the skate scene in Rochester is pretty intimate and close knit, everyone knows each other.  From my short time being in Brooklyn the scene seems to be more spread out and diverse with many different groups.




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