Hear Them Roar

Hear Them Roar

Red Lion is very gritty garage rock three piece that has been forcing their way into the local scene for the better part of a year. We caught up with them to talk about influence, where their name came from, and what projects are in the works.

How long have you guys been playing together?

Joe: February 2012, I guess would be our official start.  It wasn’t until later when we really started going.

Where did you guys get the name from?

Anthony: it’s a collaboration of a few things….

Nate: it’s kind of a controversial topic

Anthony: Its part of a location, but its kind of other stuff….

Joe: We like the sexy and gritty feel of Red Lion.  We like the color and the animal we like that combination.  It has different meaning to everyone in the band.

Anthony: We ran through names and it was the best one that fit our song.

Joe: We have a roar to our music, it has some balls.

Anthony; Plus my drums are red.

Where do you get your influences from?

Anthony: That is all over the place.  That is what I like about the band.  I love classic rock and I also follow metal.  Nate hates metal, but he shreds on the guitar.

Nate: My favorite bands are brand new, taking back Sunday, Blink 182, and Death Cab.  Post punk music

Joe: I like Morphine, Nirvana, anything 90’s and grunge.  Even indie stuff like Acade Fre and Back Kys are a common ground for the three of us.  So even though you see a wide variety of stuff, it boils down to rock and roll with a bit of punk influence.

Anthony: We get compared to the stooges but I don’t see it.  I really don’t want to sound like anyone.

How does the song writing process go?

Joe: it started with more with Anthony coming up with a drum beat, I would come up with a riff and then Nate would just shred it and take it to the next level.  I think a lot of our punk sound came from the fact that we were just learning our instruments. As we learn more our sound is getting more complex.

Anthony: We are always listening back to our music and tweaking it and adding to it.

Nate: Once we get build on the sound enough we start adding lyrics to it.

Joe: What it comes down to is that we are playing music that we like, whether it’s out simple older stuff or our more complex songs now; we are playing for ourselves more than anything else.

Any plans for an EP/album?

Joe: We have enough songs for an album, but the cost involved with it is tough. We are trying to decide whether to put out 5 really well mastered songs or push to put out a full album.

Anthony: I would like to push for an EP by the summer.

What do you think of the music scene in Rochester?

Anthony: Before I joined a band I really didn’t go to local shows, I preferred to check out touring acts.  Since I got into the scene, I have been blown away by the bands I have met and listened to. There is amazing talent here; I just don’t think they get enough support.  The radio stations don’t embrace the music that is coming out of this city.  I have heard maybe one local band get in regular rotation.

Nate: We have national act caliber bands here but they just don’t get the spotlight that is warranted.






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