Harmonious Riffs and Deafening Distortion

Harmonious Riffs and Deafening Distortion

Tarantism: a term used to describe outbreaks of mass hysteria where the effected can not stop dancing.

The Tarants: A local bands whose music, oddly enough, isn’t the type of music you would find yourself dancing to.  It fits better into the category of music you would get stoned to.

There latest self titled EP, which has been almost a year in the making, mixes hard rock with lo-fi electronic.  Many of the songs feature heavily distorted vocals and guitar riffs that put you into a dream state.

The band themselves began playing together almost four years ago under a different name, The Cosmos, playing mostly covers. When they began to produce their own music they renamed their project, The Tarants.

The Rochester natives all attend different colleges now, which make album creation and playing out difficult.

“We rely pretty heavily on Drop Box and Facebook messages to get things done” explains Nick Schantz, the lead vocalists. “That’s why it took so long to get the first EP out; hopefully the next one won’t take so long”

The band definitely is a band worth going out to see, so if you see them on a bill make it a point to go.  There aren’t many opportunities to see them live.

Their next Show is July 27th with new Archery and Sparx and Yams at the Bug Jar.

They are also planning a north east tour, more info on that as it comes up.

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Download the self titled EP here.