Overstay Their Welcome

Overstay Their Welcome

Hey your favorite go go dancers are back! Plus, I hear their back up band has some cool stuff going on too!

The Isotopes released their newest album “The Isotopes Overstay their Welcome” last month and it’ll give you the surf rock fix you need as we get into an unbearable humid summer.

This is the 6th album of a band that has become a staple in local music.  “Overstay Their Welcome” proves that the band can turn any cover into something more face melting than hydrochloric acid.

Who knew “Moves Like Jagger” could be played in a way that is actually bearable to listen to.

Songs range from pretty mellow (Astronomer’s Tool) to downright heavy (Professional Driver on Closed Course) and proves when the Isotopes aren’t fighting crime, or guzzling down cheap Gennys, they actually do practice their instruments.

The album is available as an MP3, on Cd and even Vinyl. So you can listen to this great music without having to look at their ugly mugs.

Plus they make awesome music videos:

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