Hiri The Human

Hiri The Human

Rapping since he was six, producing since fourteen, fifteen year old Bahiri Mattiex aka Hiri The Human has accomplished more than producers twice his age.  In the last year his work has made its rounds on sites like Vice, Complex Magazine, and MTV.com.

His sophomore album, “Real Equals Prosperity” features acts from across the northeast including HOA Bossman, Jackie Ross, and Nia Keturah.  Hiri describes the album as a work of abstract art rather than an LP “The beat is a canvass and the artist creates the portrait”

The album does have a very abstract feel, a mixture of southern trap rap with solid samples from a wide range of music.  The artists featured on the album run the gambit from spit fire styles to laid back east coast drawl. The album draws you in and gets your head nodding before you realize what’s going on.

The internet has been in a major part in Hiri’s reach when it comes to finding artists to work with or finding new fans. Playing local shows or handing out CDs on the streets might reach a hundred people, online you can easily reach thousands.

“I would go through Facebook and twitter and find emails of artists I wanted to work with them.”  Hiri explains “I would send them ten or twenty beats I was working on and if they wanted to use them they would email me back.  I never told them my age, I would let them figure that out by themselves.”

Hiri the Human is currently working on a third album as well as releasing an album with his group “Music For The Def”

Download “Real Equals Prosperity”