Societal Misfits

Societal Misfits

If you look at search Rochester music on Bandcamp, you get a couple hundred hardcore bands, another hundred or so rock and punk bands, a slew of indie music; and then thousands and thousands of “rappers”.

Anyone with a mic and a basic beats program thinks they are a rapper, so wading through  the bullshit can be tough for someone who is constantly on the hunt for new local music (like me)

So I wasn’t expecting what I was about to hear when I stumbled onto a single track “Killuminati” by Societal Misfits on Bandcamp.  The song was a slick sounding, smooth South Philly sounding song by two rappers who spit crazy lyrics over a simple beat loop.

After listening to the track I immediately wondered why I had never heard of this band before, the lyrics were tighter than a lot of other local rappers I listen to on a regular basis. After some digging I discovered why:

Societal Misfit members, KUMA and MARS, are just graduating high school.  They are too young to get into the venues that they should be rocking.

I was able to meet up with the duo to talk about their music, and where they want to take it.

“We have been rapping together for about a year” MARS explained “ The reason we don’t have too much out (I was only able to find about three of their songs) is because after going back and listening to what we made six monthes ago, we deleted it. It was garbage.”

“We still listen to our old stuff to laugh about it” KUMA adds “Right now though we are focused on our new stuff and putting out a mixtape.”

So producing that caliber of music must make you two like the coolest kids in school right?

‘Not really’ Mars laughs ‘We were just two nerds in AP class, no one knew who were. We just found beats online and found ways to make music that was our own.  Senior year, people started finding it.”

“People didn’t connect with it, they just wanted hype tracks. We don’t do hype tracks” KUMA said flatly “We want to make meaningful music”

If there was anything you could do in the city what would it be?

“I just want to get people to get our name right.” KUMA answered.  “Its not Social Misfits, its not the Misfits. Societal isn’t that hard to figure out. It’s a word!”

The Societal Misfits mixtape should be out sometime late this year, I suggest everyone keep an eye out for this hip hop duo, they will be taking this city over.




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