Album Review: Hero to Villians

Album Review: Hero to Villians

I usually cringe when I hear a local band has released a new metal album. I can’t help it, with the amount of hardcore and metal bands in this city the quality of the music varies tremendously. AFR is the exception that proves the rule, when I heard they were releasing their first album; I couldn’t wait to hear what they had to offer.

AFR’s premiere EP “Hero to Villains” is exactly what I hope for when I listen to a metal. They have a mixture of influences ranging from Death Metal to Jazz which translates into a sound that can only be described as Prog Metal.
Their bassist, Chandler, studied music theory and plays the Gamelan (Indonesian percussion) for Christ sake. If that doesn’t scream that the band isn’t looking to get pigeon holed into a specific genre I don’t know what does.

All that being said, AFR still shreds. The music is fast, heavy, and loud. Ledwing shreds on guitar and has some amazing solos throughout the EP. Lead singer, Alan has a voice that makes it feel like your being hit by a sledge hammer every time he picks up a mic.

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