Local Vocals #13

Local Vocals #13



Baby Bombardier – Slowching Stars

Walking In My Mind – The Absolutes

Microphone Villain – Verbal Surgeon

Wasted Generation – Cran Tangerines

Someday We May Meet Again – Dream Girls

Bench Classics – Spit Clik

Golden Eye – Intrinsic

Victory Song – Cottage Jefferson

Hidden Treasures – Ric Rude and Tim Tones

Mystics and The Machine – Neuroceptor

Swaggin – Lava The Fresh Nerd

Good Women – The Albrights

Over Angry – The Steakouts

Getcha Hands Together – Husky

Work Very Hard – Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad

Systems – The Archeologist

Hallehujah – Mosaic Foundation

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