The Boss is Here

The Boss is Here

HOA Bossman has been putting his dues in the Brooklyn music scene since 2010. We met up with the hip hop artist to talk about the state of Hip Hop, the internet, and whats next for The Bossman

When did you first get into music?

I got started right after my grandmother died round 2010, but I was always messing with music since 6 or 7th grade, I grew up in a real musical house.  Around my house my mom played Diana Ross, my dad played kiss & rock, my brother played in a band & played Wu Tang & Nirvana, & my sister played N’Sync ha-ha, so it’s just in my nature to have something to do with music in my future.

If you could describe your style what would it be?

Unfiltered Human Music, I don’t hold much back.  Whatever I feel I say and make when I want.  I just talk bout 21 years in Brooklyn, things I’ve done & seen growing up.

Are you currently signed or making music independently?

Unsigned, Been To Meetings and such but no one giving me the right platform to be as great as I can be, plus this isn’t just 100% about the money, I mean money is needed to keep recording but I really just want to buy my mom a home, make sure the family is good and that I’m comfy, I don’t need all that flash unnecessary shit.

What do you think of the current state of hip hop (both in NY and worldwide)?

To me NY is a high school lunch room, you got ya cool kids, weirdo’s, bookworms, and all that, but in all retrospect we all got something in common but are scared to show love to new dudes, got to be friends wit one the cool kids for that co-sign to get you hot, or transfer to anew school aka a new state other then NYC blow up there and become the cool guy, hip-hop is cool though, its balanced, you got your typical guys, your lyrical cats, & the game changers, that’s what I am, a game changer

What you got going on?

Just came off a summer park tour for kids to keep them in school, trying get on a good tour or start my own with my website, my new mixtape “Bossquiat” will be dropping in September, co producing a large amount of the tracks, real in house, going to be great, got a few shows lined up, stay updated on all my music shows and such on I keep the site updated weekly

You think internet helps or hurts music?

The internet is what you make it, never take it to serious.  I mean now a days a million views on YouTube get you a deal, so it is also balanced.  I mean it’s good because anyone can get hot and all that but its bad because everyone shouldn’t be in the game, with 7 billion rappers how many going to really get shine?  I mean if you hear 10 bad rappers, you going to skip number 11 and number 11 can be the gold child of rap but you never gave it a chance.

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