Skirts play Skirts on Skirts

Skirts play Skirts on Skirts

We might as well come out with this disclaimer now: The Insomniac loves Skirts.

We’ve loved them since they were called Meanagers, since Demo Tapes and Hot Singles, since Hayden Ford started out as basically a one man band.

We argue every week if we are playing them on the podcast too much or not enough.

So needless to say when asking our opinion on their new self titled album, released yesterday, our opinion may be a little jaded.

Released on local upstart label, Dadstache records, Skirts release what can ve considered their first album. It features a couple cleaned up singles from past mixtapes like Moontanning and Tongue Tied, but mainly it is all new music.

The music style does seem to vary more than previous EP or demos. Surf pop songs like “Mean Girl” and “Manhattan Beach” are mixed in with slower droney songs like “Skirts” and “Come with Me”

Needless to say we love every minute of it.

The album is $4 digital $5 hard copy links below:

Dadstache Records

 Face of Books