Pairing Up Drugs To Local Music

Pairing Up Drugs To Local Music

Just like fine diners pair the right wine with their meals, the less douchy of us are trying to figure out the age old question: ‘what drugs should I be on when I go to the show tonight?’

Sure, some answers are simple, always hot box your car before a reggae show and have a bottle of cheap whiskey for anything remotely rock and roll.  But what drugs do you do for an indie folk fusion band?  And what music do you want to listen to after railing a line of Bath Salts?

The Insomniac is here to help with this new guide that pairs local bands with what drugs you should be on when you see them.

Disclaimer: We are in no way applying that any band on this list does the drugs we label them under.

You can’t go wrong with weed, it’s become such a standard drug of choice for musicians and music lovers alike it’s hard to pin an exact music genre to it.  Roll it in a blunt for a hip hop show, roll a joint for the indie act coming through bug jar, and bring your favorite pipe to a reggae show.  More laid back music is preferred, something you could nod your head to.

Bands to go see:

Buzzed: Verbal Surgeon

High: Routine Involvements

Destroyed: Roots Collider

Coke is the rock star drug.  Doing it makes you feel like a champion of men, and allows you to party for days at a time.  Because of this it is the drug of choice when going to a rock show.  Rock and roll was made for hard partiers and cocaine is the fuel that keeps the whole genre moving. Between the music and the blow, you will leave the show feeling like a god.

Bands to go see:

Buzzed: Thoroughbred

High: The Results

Destroyed: Keaton

Speaking of parties, a party doesn’t get started until the booze starts flowing. This is the stuff that will get even the most shy in the room dancing. With enough beer, a room full of strangers become family, linked shoulder to shoulder swaying to the bands final ballad after a late night of grooving (read stumbling) across the dance floor. If a night of drinking is what you’re aiming for pick a band that will get feet to start tapping and bodies to start moving.

Bands to go see:

Buzzed: The Absolutes

High: Skirts

Destroyed: Joywave

When you are so fucked up on mushrooms that you can see sounds and taste colors, you need the right type of music to keep you in the zone. Trippy music, bizarre lyrics and light shows will plunge you into the most eye opening trip you have ever had. Make sure the venue is weird, the music weirder, and the company you keep the strangest of all.

Bands to go see:

Buzzed: Bogs visionary orchestra

High: Soviet Dolls

Destroyed: Neuroceptor

The whole world becomes a fuzzy wavy blur when on pain killer, especially when mixed with other drugs just like psychedelics you can’t get too dark with pain killer or else you will find yourself in a William s Burroughs style depression.  Go to a show that’s laid back, a little bizarre, and dripping with odd melodies and see where you high will take you.

Bands to go see:

Buzzed: Gifted Children

High: Dream Girls

Destroyed the Drippers

Lets be honest your not going to be standing around for very long. They don’t call it speed for a reason.  Find something that will keep you moving around, fast tempo, and faster lyrics, with songs that hard punk and surf rock are great staples for these drugs.  If you are feeling really adventurous (or really fucked up) try some power electronics, because with enough amphetamines in your system, even white noise starts to make sense.

Bands to go see:

Buzzed: The Emersons

High: Bad Taste

Destroyed: Foot and Mouth Disease

Molly and ecstasy is about love, and it’s about sex.  Close dark quarters with neon lights, bumping music to masking the sound of you grinding your teeth.  Techno, heavy beats, or dub step are preferred.  Add a few hula hoops and glow sticks in and call it a night.

Bands to go see:

Buzzed: Risik

High: Fragile Path

Destroyed: Archeologist