Album Review: The Swamp

Album Review: The Swamp

Band: The Swamp

Album: Self Titled

The Swamp released a self titled EP early this month.  This is the first time of hearing this band, but their thirteen track EP is already on my regular rotation.  It is easy to get bogged down by similar sounding music in any genre.  Rap unfortunately seems to be plagued (at least more than other genres) with wannabes with mimicking the sound of the trailblazers.

The Swamp fortunately is  not one of those cases. There rhymes and beats are unique, it’s the type of rhyming you would hear during a late night jam session with your friends.

What you won’t hear in this album is minute long shout outs or copious amounts of auto tune.  What you will hear include catchy hooks, interesting guitar and trumpet riffs, and a solid drum line.  The Swamp features laid back and goofy rhymes set to even more laidback hooks.  Don’t let the unstructured aspects of this album fool you; there is some talent behind the verses. The lyrics are quick witted and will have you rewinding to here a set of lyrics again to catch the meaning.

The song topics seem like songs you would make up while sitting on your porch trying to stay cool.  The topics range from being stuck in the friend zone, nightmares, and the smooth alley cat of the neighborhood.

It takes a certain type of ballsy to use a hook from the “I like Doing Hood Rat Stuff with My Friends” YouTube video and turn it into a song about raising your child.  Overall I’m looking forward to seeing more from The Swamp.

Song to Listen To: O’Malley

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