CALL OUTS: The Reasoning Behind Why Lovely Refuses to Debate

CALL OUTS: The Reasoning Behind Why Lovely Refuses to Debate

It has come out that Lovely Warren is actively avoiding debating Green Party candidate Alex White. Since all of the major news channels have called her out this Tuesday, Warren has come up with a number of reasons why she can’t be bothered to enter a public debate:

1. “I haven’t seen, and I haven’t talked to — my people haven’t talked to me about — any debates,”

This is proved false almost immediately since the Rochester Regional Community Design Center went on record with the D&C saying Warren called personally to decline their invite that same day.  (White accepted, by the way)

Even if this was the case, isn’t a debate pretty standard procedure when running for Mayor or any elected position?  She was ready to go for the primaries against Richards.  When from then to now did Lovely decide things like debates were an archaic tradition?

2. “Right now, for me, the best thing I have to concentrate on is going to the door, talking to the citizens of Rochester … telling them what I stand for,”

So let me get this straight.  You want to reach the most amount of citizens with your message, so instead of going on public access (read PUBLIC), she decided to go door to door and explain her position to people one at a time.

I am no media expert, but last I checked television was a far better way to reach the public than walking door to door. 98.7% of the population has a television in there home.  If hoofing it was a better option AMC would have paid Walter White to go door to door and tell individuals about selling meth to pay for his cancer.

3. The campaign could spend its resources on better things than a debate.

Does this imply that Alex White has the resources to do this?  The last campaign finance report showed that Lovely’s campaign raised about 5 times more than White has.  If anyone was short of resources it would be White not Lovely.

Besides the debates literally cost the candidates nothing, The D&C as well as WROC-TV host the event, and cover all of the expenses. All either candidates have to do is simply show up and tell the city their platforms in a debate form.

So what is really keeping Lovely from debating White head on?  A number of things pop into my minds that don’t include ignorance or lack of funds.

Warren isn’t really the best speaker in a public forum.  The debates against Richards were hard to watch to say the least, when she wasn’t agreeing with his platforms she was stumbling over words or talking in round about ways. But I expect that from a long term politician.

She also has no reason to give Alex White the time of day.  With little recognition (65% of voters polled don’t even know who Alex White is) and a non existent campaign fund (just over $3000) a public debate would be Alex’s only exposure to the general populace.  Why even give him the change?

What worries me is that Warren Lovely might actually be scared to debate Alex White.  Alex White, the guy who was wearing a cape to rallies less than a year ago, the guy who only mustered 8% of the vote last election, the guy who looks like bubbles from Trailer Park Boys and rambles on about taxes.  The Joker in the house of cards.

If Lovely can’t handle going up against White, how is she going to go up against the police union, or the school districts, or any of the corporations that have shit to lose if her reforms go through. If Alex White is keeping Warren Lovely awake at night, I think we need to rethink if Warren Lovely is fit to be our mayor.