Tyranitar – Unity Through Brutality

Tyranitar – Unity Through Brutality

It may be hard to take a metal band named after a Pokemon seriously, but Tyranitar is a force to be reckoned with. They are bardic metal, and while other metal bands are getting by with unrecognizable guttural vocals, Tyranitar tells a story with each and every song.

Each song on their newest EP ‘Unity Through Brutality’ references a different historical event or folklore that has been pasted down through the ages, from the last Viking stand to Joan of Arc to fighting native Americans, to an insane servant of god. The songs are about the heroes, the villains, the events that have transformed the world into what it is today.

The title is fitting, Tyranitar gives these stories new life with fast and powerful instrumentals behind well thought lyrics. If history class was presented like this I probably would have paid more attention.  Tyranitar’s music is a warning to heed the darker times of the past.  As long as history keeps repeating itself, Tyranitar will have material.

Song to Listen to: Last Stand of Varingjar

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